Illustration: Got my eyes on you

January 12, 2013


They are mysterious little windows. They see you, ignore you, judge you, welcome you, betray you yet they hide you from the world. They keep your secrets so that the world never gets to read them. Such are these mysterious little windows. 


  1. Oh! I am being watched. :P

    Btw, Nice Illustration. :)

  2. nice one.. reminded me of this Marathi song:

    It says,
    "Ya dolyanchi don paakhre phirtil tumchya bhavati;
    Paathlag hi sadaiva kartil asaa kuthe hi jagati"

    The video (with poorer quality) is here
    So.. thank you... I hadn't remembered this fascinating song for a long time now!

    1. I have heard that song :) It is amazing! And since when did you start thanking me Lalit? I am angry now :P


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