October 23, 2014


A blank canvas is always scary. Mine just happened to be neon orange and inviting, one fine day. 

While I was gearing for major shift in life, Vespa's Do You Vespa campaign caught my eye. Sharp, confident, and nonconformist, Vespa made a bold statement with its latest ad. Actually, calling it an ad would be not be right. It was more of a declaration. A new philosophy. And for the first time, Vespa connected with me on a personal level. It was no longer just a fashion statement in my eyes. It became a vision, a tool, even a medium that had the potential to be an extension of my persona. Clearly, that was an interesting change in my thought process, considering that being from the advertising industry, it takes a lot for ads to breach my thick elephant like skin. So when Blogadda and Vespa got together shift the focus on the nonconformists and let them take center stage, I couldn't resist the opportunity. 

They asked, "What would you do if you had Vespa for three days?" 
I said, "I want to make it an extension of my alter-ego - The Flirting Kaapi." 

Little did I know ...soon this would be at my door. *does her happy dance* 

So I did make it an extension of my persona by doing what I love doing... Have a look!

What say?



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  2. Such a cute scooty type....Loved it actually...Wish I could ride it once....

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