October 31, 2012

Illustration & Poem: Say Hello to toothy!

They wait for signs and signals,
love to measure their expressions,
let not a tear go waste,
let not a smile be in haste. 

Their smile had a reason,
celebration or annihilation,
a monitored look,
not more not less. 

Where smiles are free,
and greetings are pleasant,
why would anyone do hither,
he would always bother. 
Wonder how they lived a measured life,
where every thing was categorized,
for days and months,
he would sit and ponder. 
He knows no calculation,
no measure
no restrictions, no treasure,
no limits or boundaries,
All he knows is 
welcoming every being like a family. 

So come on,
say hi to toothy.
Will you? 


  1. Sneha this is such a wonderful blog. So neat, minimalistic and unlcluttered. There's so much space to breathe on your blog and that is a rarity on most hosted blogs these days. A sight for sore eyes..and the graphic header is world class and stunning! Have you illustrated that yourself? Do visit my website too and give me your feedback on the design. I would also like to get some illustrations done by you if possible on my site. Sunita. www.allianceonemumbai.com

    1. Hey Sunita, thank you so much. I am happy you like my blog. Yes, I have illustrated the graphic header myself and would love to illustrate for you. Moreover, I will check your site soon. Thanks!

  2. Loving the rhyme.

    Also, have you done the header picture yourself? I've been staring at it for sometime now. :O

    1. Thanks Karishma! Yes, I have done the header myself :)

    Do one for me. Please. I'll let you steal whatever you like from my closet.

    1. Yes, I am! Would love to make one for you :) Mail me what do you have in mind at contact@theflirtingkaapi.com and I will sketch a draft :)


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