September 01, 2011

Chaotic peace

Walking ahead of the times,
I saw dreams too big.
That leap of faith,
without the sense of judgement,
lead to a fall mightier than the 

Right or wrong 
is always 
debatable, intentions never are,
wishes always want wings,
reality is not so generous.

Situations, conditions,
requirements, expectations,

words are many,
answers unknown 

When the question becomes the answer, 
 peace ceases to be chaos.
When the answer is not acceptable,
chaos doesn't let me rest in peace.

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  1. the question haunts me.. whats right and whats wrong.. swinging in the midway looking for answers.. love the poem :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. Few words, but strong and precise...
    And the picture of the lady on the beach is really 'i-dont-have-a-word'

  3. @Rachit : thanks :)

    @lumuhuku : :) thanks

  4. Hey there :) These words are seriously hauntingly beautiful for somebody like me :)

    You're so good at this, Nice post :)

  5. Wow! Beautiful is not the word..
    The first pic <3
    And the lines are amazingly written!


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