March 14, 2011

DNA (Mumbai) mentions The Flirting Kaapi


Thanks a lot @ShaaqT, I came across her request on twitter asking for links of the blog posts dedicated to Mumbai. She is working with DNA, which is among the leading newspapers of Mumbai. 
I responded to her request and loh! Sultry mistress got featured in the paper! Also, thanks @Magic_eye for intimating about my blog being featured. 

(Please note - The link of my blog that was different then)

Photo Credits: DNA India.


  1. Hey, Hi..
    A recognition well deserved...
    Cheers, to Mumbai n to You...

    The Silhouette...

    p.s.- Do remember my treat.. :P

  2. Congratulations, girl! A praise well deserved :D

  3. congratulations .so when are we invited for the treat?

  4. many congratulations to u :) ur work deserved it...wonderfully penned it was. keep writing!


  5. @Eon: thanks a lot :) Cheers to you to!

    @Raji : Thankieeee :) :D

    @some unspoken words : anytime :)

    @Subtle scribbler : thanks a lot dear :)

  6. Hey! :)

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime now. I really love the way you write! Many and much congratulations on a praise well deserved!!!

    Did they intimate you via any medium that it has been selected or did you have to discover it on your own?

  7. @Ankita: thanks a lot dear.

    I came to know that my post has been published from a tweet of a friend who was kind enough to let me know post reading the newspaper :)

  8. Thank you so much for the reply! :)


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