November 18, 2010

That First Love...

An unexpected hug,
A silly smile,
A nod of appreciation,
A glimpse of admiration...

Those shy conversations,
A stolen glance,
A walk by the lane,
That endless wait...

That overwhelming joy,
Those frequent blushes,
That constant anticipation,
A sling of daydreams...

A cute innocence,
An unexplained shyness,
Those starry eyes,
Those forever-promises...

That first love of life,
That sweet phase of joy,
That which doesn't last,
That which doesn't fade...


  1. was agreeing with each line as i read.. so true.

  2. @Jeevs: :) ;)
    @Rajani: Thanks!! :)
    @Roshan: I am happy that you experienced first love!! :)

  3. for the first time, I understood a poetry at your blog.. and that is a compliment :)

  4. touched my heart and reminded me of my first crush..awesome. A big fan of this 1 gal.publish it!

  5. @Sunil : thanks!!
    @Pri: muaaahhh thanks a lottt!!

  6. Awwwwuuusuuuummmmmmm :)
    I can Recall my college days after reading it :)


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