Schizophrenic and Dynasty Partner (DP) are going through Mid-Day and Schizophrenic comes across this beautiful painting. Following is the conversation that follows :

Schizophrenic: Hey DP, Look what an amazing picture!!
Dynasty Partner: Yaa, nice na...
Schizophrenic: what a concept ya, nice play of colors as well!!
Dynasty Partner: Hmmm...but paper walon ne uspe balloons kyun chipka rakhe hai??
Schizophrenic looks dumbstruck for a while, then slowly she comes out of coma and replies:
Schizophrenic: DP!! Its painted that way!! It's a part of the concept!!!
Dynasty Partner (sheepishly) : ooooooooo......



  1. Dynasty Partner has to be Shweta!
    I am really want to know what happened pre/post the conversation!!


  2. @Ashish: there is a reason behind using pseudo names!!! hence forth pls use that and nt the real names!! Pre conversation, both of us were bored!! it was neary the end of the day,post- this conversation, we were laughing for like 10 mins!! :P

    @Sayak: :)

  3. agree with ashish :)

    but ya, it is a lovely pic..

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  5. Toh woh painter ne uspar balloons kyon banaaye?



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