May 18, 2010


Picture 016


  1. Wow.
    Who has painted this???
    I am asking this with two intentions. If you have painted this, then you must, ABSOLUTELY must, put a watermark of copyright on it before posting.
    And if someone else has, then you should acknowledge the source.
    Nice work, nevertheless!

  2. looks like amitabh in black...did u draw it???....nice painting

  3. This post is a clear evidence of how people find different feelings in same pictures.

    This is "Hope" for you. But, when I first saw the picture (and over again), I can only come up with "Despair"

    Well... as long as we agree to disagree, it is fine!

  4. @Mr. Pushkaraj: this is absolutely 100 % charcoal work by me...I will surely put a watermark..thanksss a lott

    @Shahid: yup it is Big B in Black, thanks!!

    @Lalit Patil: I saw hope in this picture because even after despair written all over his face, his eyes are hopeful for the light ahead...


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